Thursday, June 4, 2015

What happened and what do do now?

Because Ideas' phone was confiscated -and returned when he was set free- he could not send the pictures of his border crossing from Serbia to Hungary 10 days ago. First they walked for hours in the pouring rain through the countryside of southern Hungary.. get arrested in the city of Szeged, completely exhausted and devastated. This is a picture in the prison bus to Nyirbatori. Ideas: Í did not ask them to cover their face, they were in despair. And tired, I suppose..

Now Ideas has to choose: between crossing the border with the mafia, with a slightly better chance of success or go independantly. With the mafia costs 1500 €. Is there anyone monitoring the mafia in the Balakns? Do they have a chance of being prosecuted like in italy at the moment? I seriously doubt it. 

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