Monday, June 29, 2015


Ideas is now in the big refugee machine: rows and rows of people, waiting for their intake-meeting of the IND, the Dutch Immigration Service.
 A relief is that his prints do not show up in the database. This means that his choice to allow the Hungarian police to take his fingerprints for illegal border crossing (they kept him in prison for 2 weeks for that) and his refusal to have his prints taken as a refugee worked  out well. 
There are many stories on Whatsapp that fingerprints taken in Hungary for border crossing did show up in the Eurodac database -the Schengen migration database.

And according to the second treaty of Dublin, the first country of entrance, where fingerprints have been taken, has to offer asylum. Which means that when your prints are taken in Hungary, you have to be sent back there. And after 2 weeks of prison, Ideas is not very fond of the Hungarian legal system.
Ideas will soon be transported to a refugee centre somewhere in the Netherlands.

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