Monday, May 25, 2015

Ideas, how he got his name and why he fled from Syria

Firstly: Ideas is not my friends real name. He got it, as many good names, by accident. I texted ideas to ask for input for a nom-de-plume. His real name, combined with the other information, could lead to his real identity and that could influence his application for his refugee status. I just forgot to put in a question mark.

Along the way, Ideas started to tell his story: he deserted from the Syrian army with thirty friends. He did not want to shoot his own people.
..then he was ambushed by the Syrian army and almost all his friends were shot, he was one of the 3 survivors..
..he managed to flee to Turkey, Istanbul, and from there he crossed the Aegeian Sea to the island of Lesbos, where we met, just after he landed with his friends..
Pictures of newly arrived refugees in Greece, by yrs truly on

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