Thursday, July 9, 2015


We visit Ideas in the refugee camp.

He shares his building with a diverse group of people. With very different stories. Common denominator: horror. Like M. from Iraque, fluent in Russian, who during his adventurous life traveled until the Ukraine, lived there for a while, fled from the war to eventually flee from Libia. In the same boat from Libia was D. from Africa. Came in a van through the sahara. When his fellow travelers died of heat and thirst, the armed smugglers dumped the bodies from the driving truck to the side of the road. D. claims the sahara is even more dangerous than the Mediterranean Sea.
Detail of the boatride (confirmed by both): the, also armed, smugglers stash the Africans in the lower deck, where there's more heat (motor) and less air. The whites go on the upper deck with a higher chance of survival. They were all lucky: Frontex was waiting for them outside of the territorial waters of Libia to rescue them. 
On the photo the food ration in the camp: bread, slices of cheese and meat, fruit, drinks and one warm halal meal a day. Everybody offered to share with us.

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